Flower Care

Basic Flower Care

Caring for fresh flowers is easy to do if you follow the steps outlined below. Congratulations on your purchase of fresh flowers! To obtain maximum enjoyment of your purchase, be sure to get them home as quickly as possible. Flowers are happiest when they are in water. Hydrate them! When you arrive at home, process your flowers immediately. If you leave flowers in your car on a warm day for any period of time, they can become stressed and dehydrated.

Flowers need a good drink of water and some food!
Take your packet of fresh flower food and mix it with tap water. Mix the small packet with 1 liter of water. Pour your prepared fresh flower food solution into a clean non-metal container, such as a vase and have it close by.

Prepare them!

Remove any foliage from the stems that might be below the water-line in the vase. Foliage under water will rot, and add dirt and bacteria to the vase. This will make your vase water smell bad and lead to shortened flower life. To ensure that your flowers can take a nice, big gulp of fresh flower food, it is recommended that you re-cut the stems under clean water.

To do this, fill your sink with about 2 inches of water. Place the bottom inch of the stems below the water, and re-cut all of the stems using a sharp straight edge knife on a 45 degree angle. If you use scissors, make sure that they are sharp, or you may risk crushing the internal structure of the flower stems.

Feed them!

Place the newly cut flowers directly into the vase with the fresh flower food solution. Keep in mind that flowers out of water for more than 20 minutes will require cutting again.